SolSpecters and The Future of NFT Gamification.

From getting crowned as Collins Dictionary’s word of the year in December to outpacing crypto in global Google search, NFT has evolved beyond a hype and it is no longer a bubble waiting to burst.

One of the intriguing features of NFT-based games is the element of interoperability. Traditional console and PC games have their own ecosystems which are not compatible with one another. Players’ assets and characters will always be limited to that specific game with total control by the developers. On the other hand, blockchain based games boast interoperability, the ability to use individual game assets in multiple games if permitted.

NFT games like SolSpecters exist on the same or interoperable blockchains where game assets can be exchanged seamlessly on the marketplace.

Minted as a collection of 2500 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, each NFT features one of the multiple types of Specters, each one of which has adapted to its surroundings. SolSpecters offers an array of benefits traditional gaming doesn’t, such as the play-to-earn model, interoperability of game assets, and much more.

Where the gamification comes in….

NFT is the latest utility of blockchain technology that has taken the world by storm. This technology is disrupting various avenues from art and sports collectibles to real estate. The NFT gaming industry has particularly boomed in the past few years and is becoming the future of the gaming industry. The trend is growing at a break neck speed and SolSpecterS is definitely here for the long run. The project is sticking strongly to its current roadmap for the foreseeable future and evolving present.

In order to maintain its rarity and importance within the gamification ecosystems, the overall supply of Specters will be limited compared to other NFT projects which follow a diverse uncontrolled generative path. The transition of generation is bound to follow a sequence of due order, primarily geared towards maintaining a sporadic innovative growth. the growth based breeding system will also be limited by the total market supply of Specters.

This in a bid will bring a balance between the demands of the market and the supply ratio for successive traction, for example, a regulated set of 5,000 samples are to be generated.

Just how huge is the NFT gaming industry?

Several reports have mentioned that the approximate total value of the gaming industry is now said to exceed $300 billion. To put this in perspective, this value equates to more than the movie and music markets combined.

The gaming industry doesn’t stop there and has grown by half a billion players in the last three years and now has a total of about 2.7 billion players worldwide. But this is far from all, as this market segment is expected to add more than 400 million new players by the end of 2023.

According to several surveys, gamers spend an average of up to 16 hours per week playing games, approx. 8 hours per week watching or participating in gaming streams on Twitch, Youtube, etc., and 6 hours per week interacting, reading in gaming communities.

Even investors and end users with rather conservative investment strategies should not ignore these figures. Especially not when we talk about the vast economic potentials of SolSpecter amongst others.

The current trajectory….

The many combinations have led to the emergence of gamification also called GameFi, where players can exchange digital game assets of any kind. NFTs paired with games, give a unique NFT something that never existed before in terms of values. The NFT can represent something through a player that only came about through the progression of the game, namely experience, earned stats, strength, stamina, progress, and many other characteristics.

Every specter is of immense digital premium NFT valuation. From something as little as a parking ticket and boarding passes to innovative fintech applications such as mutual funds and even your passports are all going to become NFTs sooner than later.

With decentralized games such as Axie Infinity, SolSpecter, and My Neighbor Alice intersecting with with the metaverse, NFTs have disrupted the entire gamification industry with their unique unmatched benefits. For instance, SolSpecters characteristics and vast utility allow players to use the specters as characters, commodities, special abilities, and other tradable objects in games. Perhaps most importantly to some, they allow players to generate additional income in-game.

Although some skeptics said that gamers have largely been unreceptive of the NFT gaming genre, going as far as calling it an extension of loot box mechanics/gacha gaming. SolSpecters has none of those defects, does not crisscross with the existing gaming ecosystems, and in fact, enables gamers to dip their toes into our side of the world, without the need to fork out AAA titles like money upfront nor any of the loot box mechanics.

Anything that we carry as a physical copy is potentially likely to be replaced by an NFT version of it. The same can be said of gaming. From your gaming licenses and accessories to entire IPs, everything will soon be an NFT.

As SolSpecters is arguably at the forefront of innovation when it comes to NFT gaming. Their entire library of characters are NFTs, and their unlocks/drops are NFTs. SolSpecter is looking forward to keeping innovating and being the on-ramp for crypto-enthusiasts and gamers alike to embrace the rise of NFTs in 2022.



A seasoned blockchain technology writer and a DAO consultant. @DomainDAO @MoonDAO @StonerDAO @SolPunksDAO @RealPyramid @Insydin @Solpunks @Vegas

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Olayimika Oyebanji

A seasoned blockchain technology writer and a DAO consultant. @DomainDAO @MoonDAO @StonerDAO @SolPunksDAO @RealPyramid @Insydin @Solpunks @Vegas