SolSpecters: Progress, Possibilities And Future Trajectory.

SolSpecters is a long-term NFT-based project aimed at providing a unique gaming experience to its end-users and one of the few Solana NFTs that sold out in record time.

The project’s value proposition, which consists in creating immersive virtual gaming reality, resonates with both the online gaming community and the crypto-NFT community at large. Its 2500 NFT collection on the Solana blockchain features one of the multiple types of Specters, each of which has adapted to its surroundings! They are a well-told story of survival and the endless battle for it so much so that owning a SolSpecter is the very beginning of unlimited fun in a world outside the human imagination.

Review Of SolSpecter’s Past Accomplishments

It took several months to develop SolSpecters into an NFT gaming utility but the speed at which its Gen-1 NFTs sold out last year points to its viability and uniqueness.

According to a SolSpecter enthusiast, “there is nothing more thrilling than having access to the SolSpecter’s features which is like being on top of the world”.

The project’s value proposition resonates with both the gaming community and the crypto-NFT community.

SolSpecters’ arrival on the crypto scene is a clear conviction that Gamefi and utility-based NFTs have a growing tendency to explode in the near future. The prediction has become pretty easy since web 3 began to plot its path to mainstream adoption with private and institutional players racing to onboard it. It also implies that NFT has a significant stake in the future of the internet as it continues to drive up crypto adoption.

SolSpecters Competitive Advantage

There is literally virtual gold hidden in plain sight for digital fortune seekers and crypto adventurers alike. SolSpecters have irresistible perks as an ideal project that rewards the participation and competitiveness of its players. It creates an unending craving for adventures and rewards.

The outstanding quality of SolSpecters lies in the fact that it is much more than a “test subject”; it is practically the doorway to a new world of digital experience in NFT gamification amongst other advantages.

SolSpecter’s strength also comes from their collective team’s unique background in competitive gaming, which helps them to strategically connect with all users. The team at the moment is composed of a total of six astute leaders from large technology companies in the US. There are also resourceful categorizations of smaller internal teams for marketing, tech development, and community management within the SolSpecters ecosystem.

Many of the team members have competed at the highest levels through multiple titles. This so far serves as an acid test to validate the authenticity of the project and its ability to deliver top-notch gaming experience . The project’s team members’ tech backgrounds, working for some of the largest tech companies in the world, prove that the developers are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable enough to rewrite the past, improve the present, and chart the trajectories of the gamification industry of the future.

Another striking edge SolSpecter has is its multiple incentives, which they plan and duly implement on their growth roadmap. The incentive that will take place soon will be the implementation of its proposed DAO , which is one of the robust networks on the blockchain framework. Most importantly though, holding a SolSpecter will give the users direct access to the game’s features.

Future Trajectory

SolSpecter plans to hold a presale for their 2nd generation specters within a few months from now. The 2nd generation will be a unique spin on the original 18 subspecies, furthering the lore of the Specters. A majority of the 2nd generation Specters will not be for sale but will instead be gained through the breeding process. Along with this breeding process comes the addition of attributes. In the world of Specters attributes are stats scaled 1–10 that let you know how well versed your specter is in battle?

Although, the overall supply of Specters will be limited compared to other NFT projects. Being strategic, SolSpecter plans to release a new generation of Specters within a spaced duration of each other. The designed breeding system will also be limited by the total supply of Specters, only allowing for, for example, 5000 to be generated.

SolSpecter’s Evolving Possibilities Of The Present

Some of the attributes at the moment include Strength, health, and luck. This update will also include the SolSpecter’s farming/staking. Users will be able to send their Specters to the Algium mines to collect Algium crystals. In return, the user’s Specter will be rewarded with an ERC20 token with the possibility of receiving a rare equipment/pet drop. In addition, SolSpecter plans to release the game in q2-q3 of 2022. The game will allow users to battle against one another for amazing prizes. Hence, SolSpecters is envisaged to be an NFT battle game where you can battle other NFTs to unlock reward drops, stat boosts, and much more.

There is definitely no telling how far SolSpecter will go to ensure its relevance within the gamification sector.

SolSpecter’s Upgrades In The Now In Relation To The Future

Each Specter has 4 different kinds of stats that can be boosted via upgrades (unlocked via staking) or by winning battles against other specters. The stats upgrades are resistant to the power-creep problem that plague most games in the genre, such as Mortal Kombat Mobile, Raid Shadow Legends, and PC games such as World of Warcraft.

The problem most people experience with the NFT-cryptoverse is the over dependence (expectedly) in terms of the utility value of your NFTs. For example, a BAYC NFT is largely just a collectible. Axie Infinity’s product is a step in the right direction. All that SolSpecter is doing is simply taking it a step further and creating an evolution of both gaming and the NFT-verse.

By enabling stats upgrades (via staking or battles), evolving Specters (via fusing existing Specters in your wallets, and new mints v2.0, SolSpecters is one of the first NFT projects to offer multiple in-game NFT only routes to scaling, upgrading, and earning.

SolSpecter’s Security Architecture

There are certain vulnerabilities in the OpenSea ecosystem that can open a user’s listed NFTs to sniping. Some BAYC apes were sniped very recently because somebody listed their apes for sale, moved them to a vault, and then moved back to the listing and this led to the sniping of their NFT. Following good practices as endorsed by SolSpecter will save the user from 99% of the NFT hack attempts that are more often than what is imaginable, a vulnerability in the marketplace and not the NFT or the blockchain itself.

Most assuredly, the future will ultimately belong to those with the agile foresight to create memorable experiences for others.



A seasoned blockchain technology writer and a DAO consultant. @DomainDAO @MoonDAO @StonerDAO @SolPunksDAO @RealPyramid @Insydin @Solpunks @Vegas

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Olayimika Oyebanji

A seasoned blockchain technology writer and a DAO consultant. @DomainDAO @MoonDAO @StonerDAO @SolPunksDAO @RealPyramid @Insydin @Solpunks @Vegas