MoonDAO Now Has Its Own Constitution

Today is yet another day of yet another milestone by MoonDAO and its core contributors. In August , we made history as the first DAO to go to outer space on the Blue Origin’s NS-22 space mission that gave Egypt and Portugal their first astronauts.Today, our web 3 constitution that took several months to complete will be massively ratified by all and sundry.

I have watched MoonDAO grow from a small insignificant web 3 internet native group to a massively popular DAO with an enormous potential to shake the world. I was one of its early members prior to becoming one of its core contributors and my role in the media and publicity was handsomely rewarded.

To crown it all, I am one of the drafters of its constitution. When I was not curating stories for publication , I was a graphic designer, a moderator, and a Twitter raider.

In ten years time when I’m asked to talk about MoonDAO, I will look back and proudly say that we are the guys that decentralized access to space.



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Olayimika Oyebanji

Olayimika Oyebanji


A seasoned blockchain technology writer and a DAO consultant. @DomainDAO @MoonDAO @StonerDAO @SolPunksDAO @RealPyramid @Insydin @Solpunks @Vegas